Health & Safety

The health and wellbeing of people is critical to our success

Health and safety in all areas of work is of paramount importance and occupational injuries and illness are considered unacceptable. Safety is our first value, and our primary objective is to operate the business free of occupational injury and harm. Directors and Managers are committed to ensuring that occupational health, safety and environmental issues are an integral part of the short and long-term operations. Employees and contractors understand and accept occupational health, safety and environmental policies and procedures as a fundamental part of the business; to establish operating standards that meet or exceed any relevant laws and regulations, environmental impact statements, environmental management plans and closure plans. Improving our ability to operate safely requires a multi-layered approach. This involves:

  • Identifying measurable objectives and targets that will drive continuous improvement necessary to pursue incident-free operating activities
  • Providing training and support to employees and contractors in community relations, occupational health safety and environmental matters;
  • Adequate first aid treatment and access to medical facilities where required
  • Implementing effective community relations, occupational health, safety and environmental programs, policies, procedures and management systems;
  • Carry out risk assessment to identify health and safety exposures and hazards with the potential for injuries and illness while testing the procedures¬†
  • Emergency response systems to ensure their effectiveness;
  • Regularly review and audit occupational health, safety and environmental performance and to publicly report the results.