Environment & Community

Committed to the Highest Standards

Transeco Minerals & Mining are committed to making a positive difference in the communities where they are located, seeking to improve social and economic circumstances through economic contributions, community involvement, community consultation, support and development of school programs and special events.  The Company’s strategy for advancement as a responsible mining company is to work in partnership with community bodies, government officials and other stakeholders to improve understanding and encourage open, constructive dialogue and trust. They respect cultures, customs and values in dealings with employees and others who have an interest in our activities

Trans Eco will always seek to respect both the environment and the communities within which it works. Our attitude is to always add value and to help local communities by providing employment and, where possible, structural benefits.
Trans Eco is committed to building strong, open and transparent relationships with the communities in which it operates. The directors and staff are aware of their responsibility to carefully integrate economic, environmental and social dimensions into their business decision-making processes. 

Trans Eco is committed to the highest standards of sustainable practices in all they do. Their objective is to make meaningful contributions to the host communities where they operate and minimize the environmental footprint in those areas. They are proactive in program development in order for the communities not to be reliant on the mines for their future. The Company took part in a local festival known as Odwiratuo in late 2011 and received a letter of appreciation from the regional King’s office.